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About Us

Sky Island Resort
...a place where heaven meets earth...

The Sky Island Resort project started in 2013 
and our first room and bar opened in 2017
Sky Island is an independent hotel owner operated resort with a goal is to be the world’s greenest hotel. 


The resort was built with the local community using as much of the local materials as possible thus making our accommodation unique, modern and innovative.


We are the world’s first paragliding resort with a 70m elevation that is comfortable for beginners and also fun for the experience pilots


JLEE1591.jpg (2).gif

Sean, CEO

Silver service for the queen, Gold service for You!


Wade, OPS Manager

If you land one the beach you have to walk back up

Yasmeen, Reservationist

5⭐ service, 3⭐ prices.


Simiao, GM

Get it done to day, there is more tomorrow.


Feliciano, AGM

If its not done right the first time do it again

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