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Updated: Aug 13, 2022

Ponta Malongane - A hidden gem near Ponta Do Ouro

Written and travelled by: Merav Gann-Perkal 

When traveling to Mozambique, it's quite easy to get lost in the abundance of coastline. Where should I go? Which beach is the best for Whale watching? Where can I have the perfect Oceanview and what is the best spot to swim with Wild Dolphins?

If you have asked yourself all the above, you must have heard of Ponta Do Ouro, in the south of Mozambique. But have you heard of Ponta Malongane? Just a few Kilometers from the bigger and busier Ponta Do Ouro, you will find a secret town with all you need and want. Scattered amongst a large, forested dune, lies a small town with restaurants and several, but not too many, resorts and accommodation options.

After realizing that Ponta Do Ouro was too crowded for me, I had the pleasure of staying at Sky Island Resort in Ponta Malongane, and I didn't want to leave. I quickly discovered a secluded, quiet and raw experience. Hidden within the trees I found the most amazing view overlooking the ocean. Thus, I found myself watching Whales and Dolphins from the comfort of my own resort. It was hard to move from that spot, so I enjoyed my meals, coffees and beers right on top of the breaching whale mothers and their calves.

 When I was tired of watching them (how is that even possible, right?), I enjoyed the lovely walk down to the most incredible and serene beach, just me and…me 😊. To any direction you look, you will see on for miles, free of interruption. The resort premises itself has an abundance of trails and paths to explore, and at night the staff will invite you to enjoy a wonderful bonfire with the other guests. Oh wow, I mustn't forget, their Caipirinhas are addicting, watch out! The nearby, small, town center, has just the right number of restaurants and bars to put some spice into your stay. And to top it all off, I could still enjoy any activity I wanted to in the nearby Ponta Do Ouro. Even at 6AM, the amazing staff will taxi you to any activity you have planned in Ponta Do Ouro.

So if you are like me, wanting to enjoy the best of both worlds, I truly recommend booking your accommodation in Ponta Malongane and even more, at Sky Island!

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