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Martin tells his friends about Sky Island

Hey Zaina!!! As life took me off the bitten path I found a beautiful dune off Malongane, at the other end of this great 4 x 4 track Sky Island awaits you with the freshest juice, coldest beers and great menu😋 The view is spectacular as you are looking right over Creche and Steps the reefs we used to dive together usually with amazing Whale and Dolphin action easy to spot whilst having breakfast or lunch. Once you have fastened on the harnness and attached yourself to Sean you will run together off this amazing dune I recently learnt is made of limestone connecting us even more to the reef formations Underwater below, the lush vegetation below catches your eye for some time then blue of the Ocean as you glide in one direction Sean takes you through the contours of the vegetation below you or slightly over the beautiful reefs below you will get to enjoy viewing these isolated luxurious homes on the dune where you could easily fly past and say Ola!!! 😊 and a great aerial view of the Malongane and Ponta Do Ouro Bay. Once you feel like you will stay up there for the day sir Sean will glyde you back gently on the grass patch below you. The right wind even more critical for this experience to take place. Welcome to

blessed evening all🙏🏾🐳🐬🤙🏾🌊

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